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vocal few

We're planning a living tour for this summer, want to host? Find out how.




Our latest release is Snowdrift EP


We are vocal few


From Seattle, WA, Vocal Few is an acoustic folk/pop duo consisting of husband and wife, Matt and Kristie MacDonald. The side-project (to Matt's main project, The Classic Crime) was motivated by the birth of their first daughter, and continues as a means to support their family.

Vocals, Guitar / Matt MacDonald
Keyboard, Vocals / Kristie MacDonald




NPR's tiny desk contest

live video

Here's a live video recording of "Blue," a song from "The Dream Alive" EP. Recorded in the frozen backyard of our friends Dan & Jaffrey Koch's house for NPR's Tiny Desk Contest 2017. Jodi & Cameron Reed are on violin and cello. Kristie & Matt MacDonald on piano, guitar, and vocals.


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