Hosts Needed: Living Room Tour Summer 2017

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Hello! We are looking for hosts for our upcoming living room tour, starting in June and ending in early August. We will be traveling all over the United States. If you live in the United States and would like to host, please email with pictures of your space, capacity, location and any other pertinent info like availability, etc.

Things to know:

  1. Hosting is free.
  2. Strangers will buy tickets from us to your living room. All tickets will be pre-sold, and you will simply cross names off the list as they enter (no money changes hands). They will not know your address until a day before the show. We've done this a lot, and so far there have been no weirdos and everyone is very respectful. We send them an email when they purchase tickets with some etiquette tips. 
  3. Your living room should hold anywhere between 25 and 50 people, sitting on the floor or standing is fine. People usually clear the space a bit for more crowded shows so people can sit. Please send pictures of the space with your submission.
  4. This will be super fun.

Thanks in advance! 

Vocal Few