Wanna be in a music video?


We want to make a cheerful wintery video for Cheers to Your Holiday, featuring YOU.

Sound fun? Here's the deal:

  • Make sure lighting is decently ok looking and not too grainy.
  • Pick up phone with front facing camera, or tripod your DSLR (we love options), just make sure it's landscape, not portrait.
  • Record a creative/fun/happy/dramatic video of your self/friends/family/choir group/hockey team LIP-SYNCING to PART or ALL of Cheers to Your Holiday.
  • Straight on selfie-style is welcome! 
  • Send to thevocalfew@gmail.com or drag and drop into  https://spaces.hightail.com/uplink/vocalfew

We will take clips from your videos and cut them together to make one official video for the song, so don't worry if your video isn't perfect - we can mine the gems!

We need all entries in by Dec 8th so we can edit and release it in the relevant season. You can listen to the song here.