What is a living room show?

We get a lot of questions about what goes on at a living room show, so we took the time to write some answers. Here are the most frequently asked:

So, it's at a house?

Yes, some lovely persons have volunteered their house, apartment, or coffee shop to host a random collective of people from their community. We think places where people gather casually are best to share lives and music, which is why we like living rooms.

How do I get there?

In order to respect the privacy of the host, we don't post addresses, just specific town names. If you purchase a ticket, we'll send you the address a few days before the event. Once you purchase a ticket, your name (plus the number of people you purchased tickets for) will be added to a list at the door. No need to bring any paper printouts of anything.

What goes on?

At 6:30pm, people show up and cross their names off a list. At 7:00pm, if most people are there, we start playing songs. We ask questions, answer questions, laugh a bit, and sing songs until around 8:00pm. Then we mill about and try to sell t-shirts, vinyl recordings, and handmade leather keychains like real troubadours.

Can I bring food/drinks?

We love those, but in order to respect the hosts preferences, we've sent them surveys to see what they would prefer. We will send you the rules along with the address. 

Do you bring your kids?

Yes, we will be traveling in an RV with our three kids, ages five, three, and six months. They will likely be watching Frozen for the seven-billionth time in the RV (under adult supervision) while we play, but they do like to mingle at the merch table afterwards.

If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot us an email at thevocalfew@gmail.com.