The 6 Most FAQ Re: Hosting Vocal Few

We are still accepting host submissions for our summer living room tour though the end of January. If you have been planning to submit or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at vocalfewmgmt@gmail.com

For those interested or on the fence about hosting, here are answers to the 6 most frequently asked questions:

1.) How much do you charge?

Hosting is free, which means hosts do not have to put up any of their own money for the show. We will pre-sell all the tickets online, and guests will check their name off a list on the way inside. No money changes hands. Residents of the host house are free of charge, as well as 3 guests of the hosts choosing (after a certain amount of tickets are sold, and if there is still room, a longer guest list is welcomed).

2.) How big does my room need to be?

We hope to sell at least 20 tickets, but sometimes we sell between 40-50 tickets. We can limit the tickets available based on your estimated capacity, but generally anywhere between 25-50 is a good estimate. Some hosts have chairs, others clear the room for standing or sitting, but it's really whatever you think is best. Hard floors and tall ceilings are even better for the music, because they amplify and reverberate the sound. We prefer not to play outside as sound amplification, audible distractions, and weather can become an issue.

3.) Is this a party? Do I need to provide food or drinks?

All guests are given a hospitality reminder before coming. On previous tours we gave strict rules to guests about taking off shoes, using the bathroom before arriving, strongly prohibiting food and drinks, etc. We did this in order to make our hosts feel at ease. However, we found that some of our hosts didn't mind guests leaving shoes on, or if they used the bathroom, or brought drinks of their choosing. Some of our hosts wanted to make snacks for guests or provide beer and wine, some wanted to sell snacks or drinks, and who were we to stop them? So now we send a questionnaire to each host beforehand to make sure that when the performance happens, it happens within their expectations and in keeping with their desires. We want our hosts to be hospitable in the way that makes them most comfortable.

4.) What kind of people will show up?

The kind of people who pay $20 to watch a musical duo perform in a random persons living room. These are not scary people. These are people who live in your community, who you likely have things in common with. Great friends have been made in the living rooms we've played in, and that's the point of living rooms! Bringing people together in an intimate setting around music forges community.

5.) Will you play my church?

Not on this tour, but we have enjoyed playing the occasional coffee shop or business if the vibe is right (shoot us an email to ask). We prefer rooms, living rooms specifically. The spaces where life happens.

6.) How do I submit?

Email us with estimated capacity, city/state location, any availability issues (we will be touring through June and July into August 2017), and pictures of your space. The email is vocalfewmgmt@gmail.com - and we can answer any of your questions that way.

To all you first timers who've submitted, and previous hosts who've submitted again, THANK YOU! We will begin to sort the routing and dates in February.


Matt & Kristie