Booking Hosts for 2018 Living Room Tour!

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Another journey is upon us.

We are gearing up to move back across the continent from Nova Scotia, Canada (which we've been loving), to the Pacific Northwest, where real estate is expensive and coffee flows like rain. 

We'll be stopping along the way (in mid-late June through July 2018) to play songs in peoples' living rooms.

If you would like to submit your living room as a possible venue, please fill out this form and we will contact to you if it works with the routing.

Excited to hang with you again, and to meet some new friends!

With love,

Matt & Kristie

Hosts Needed in These Areas

Host submissions: Email  with pictures and location.

Host submissions: Email with pictures and location.

Hey friends!

To be clear we are still accepting submissions for ALL cities in the lower 48 states, but these are the cities/general areas we don't currently have hosts for.

If you live in these cities, anywhere near, or anywhere in between, and you would like to host a Vocal Few living room show this summer, please email with pictures, location, and any questions.

This F.A.Q was written as a helpful tool for those considering.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted thus far, we can't wait to start solidifying our exact routing in February!

Vocal Few