vocal few

Booking Hosts for 2018 Living Room Tour!

VF LRT 2018 HEADER.jpg

Another journey is upon us.

We are gearing up to move back across the continent from Nova Scotia, Canada (which we've been loving), to the Pacific Northwest, where real estate is expensive and coffee flows like rain. 

We'll be stopping along the way (in mid-late June through July 2018) to play songs in peoples' living rooms.

If you would like to submit your living room as a possible venue, please fill out this form and we will contact to you if it works with the routing.

Excited to hang with you again, and to meet some new friends!

With love,

Matt & Kristie

Wanna be in a music video?


We want to make a cheerful wintery video for Cheers to Your Holiday, featuring YOU.

Sound fun? Here's the deal:

  • Make sure lighting is decently ok looking and not too grainy.
  • Pick up phone with front facing camera, or tripod your DSLR (we love options), just make sure it's landscape, not portrait.
  • Record a creative/fun/happy/dramatic video of your self/friends/family/choir group/hockey team LIP-SYNCING to PART or ALL of Cheers to Your Holiday.
  • Straight on selfie-style is welcome! 
  • Send to thevocalfew@gmail.com or drag and drop into  https://spaces.hightail.com/uplink/vocalfew

We will take clips from your videos and cut them together to make one official video for the song, so don't worry if your video isn't perfect - we can mine the gems!

We need all entries in by Dec 8th so we can edit and release it in the relevant season. You can listen to the song here.