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Happy holidays

We're making a music video and we'd love you to be in it, click here to find out more!


Please enjoy Snowdrift EP this season



We are vocal few


From Seattle, WA, Vocal Few is an acoustic folk/pop duo consisting of husband and wife, Matt and Kristie MacDonald. The side-project (to Matt's main project, The Classic Crime) was motivated by the birth of their first daughter, and continues as a means to support their family.

Vocals, Guitar / Matt MacDonald
Keyboard, Vocals / Kristie MacDonald




NPR's tiny desk contest

live video

Here's a live video recording of "Blue," a song from "The Dream Alive" EP. Recorded in the frozen backyard of our friends Dan & Jaffrey Koch's house for NPR's Tiny Desk Contest 2017. Jodi & Cameron Reed are on violin and cello. Kristie & Matt MacDonald on piano, guitar, and vocals.


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