the badchristian roadshow

november 8th-17th 2018

Mini-Conference at 4:00pm, Concert doors at 6:30pm,

Panel conversations on rebel topics, dynamic breakout groups, unplugged performances from the bands, Q&A and a β€œmeet & mingle” with your fellow misfits (Roadshow hosts, bands/artists and crew), all before enjoying the concert. Followed by four hours of live music from Emery, He is Legend, Tyson Motsenbocker & Vocal Few, plus an exclusive live episode of The BadChristian Podcast.

Grab your tickets and come hang out!






Who we are


Vocal Few is an singer/songwriter folk pop duo singing songs about travel & change & dreams & heartache. We formed in Seattle, WA, in 2011. Both our formation and debut EP were motivated by the impending birth of our first daughter. Now we make music for ourselves and have more albums than children. Life's a trip. A road trip.

Vocals, Guitar / Matt MacDonald
Keyboard, Vocals / Kristie MacDonald



to the ocean

from Grand Pre EP


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